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is a South India based exporter, which is also one of the hubs of Tea, Coffee, Spices & Cashew nut trade. Tea & coffee is most popular drink around the world, Spices & Cashew nut are the most relevant ingredients for most of our foods, without these products our life become tasteless.

Especially the Indian Tea, coffee, spices & Cashew nut are very valuable Drinks and ingredients.

We offer high quality Tea, Coffee, Spices and Cashew nut to meet the customer requirement across the world.

We are not only providing these products but complete experience to our customers.


A rare experience in taste.

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Tea is good for you. Among other things, it contains "polyphenols" — antioxidants that repair cells and in doing so, may help our bodies fight help us fend off cardiovascular diseases, cancers, osteoporosis, diabetes mellitus and other maladies. And contrary to popular belief, it's not just green tea that's good for you. Black, white, and red tea also have health-giving flavonoids and polyphenols.

We deliver the finest selection of Orthodox, CTC, Green Tea & Flavored Tea & White Tea for bulk exports as well as supply to Indian markets from select gardens in the Nilgiris (Tamilnadu State) & other tea growing regions of South India.



Well, drinking a cup of coffee every day is not necessarily a bad habit. On the contrary, it's proven to be healthy, scientists say. Your daily morning coffee provides you with more things than just an energy boost. It's also shown to protect us against type 2 diabetes, liver diseases and lowers the risks of heart failure. But, besides health there are even more interesting facts about coffee.

We deliver the finest selection of Arabica Coffee & Robusta Coffee for bulk exports as well as supply to Indian markets from select gardens from Coorg (Karnataka State) and other growing regions in South India


India is responsible for 70% of the global spice production. The majority of people in the world have some sort of spice in their home from India! Since the ancient times, India has seen a whole lot of conquerors and tradesmen admiring it and wanting to have a piece of it. While the terrain, the climate and the naturally endowed coastlines are a few major reasons for the popularity of the country, one more extremely essential reason is the Indian spices. Spices that are made in India have been the choice of foreigners and Indians.

We boost of a wide range of quality ground spices and whole spices we make sure that our products are not only produced with extreme care but are also packed to last. The packing of our Whole spices and Ground spices is done so that the contents do not get spoiled and in turn the shelf life of the products is increased.

We deliver the finest selection of Spices for bulk exports as well as supply to Indian markets from Kerala State and other growing regions in South India


Cashew Nut

Consuming 28.3 gm of Cashew nuts, 5 days a week results in lowering the risk of diabetes by 27%. It has 82% unsaturated fatty acids which lowers the levels of cholesterol. Cashew nuts are packed with proteins, fats and vitamins to a high degree. Proteins, the tissue builders in our system, steal a large dividend of cashew contents. Cashew kernels contain 21% of vegetable proteins. Nutritionally they stand at par with milk, eggs and meat. It also contains a high concentration of much needed amino acids in right proportions which is very rare in nuts.

Indian cashews are nature`s proven finest diet. It's an all-time all place snack. It is a storehouse of nutrients. It contains protein, fat, moisture, carbohydrates, phosphorus, calcium, iron and other mineral elements. Eating nuts can be very beneficial as long as they replace other foods and are not just added to the diet.

We deliver the finest selection of Cashew nut for bulk exports as well as supply to Indian markets from Kerala State and other growing regions in South India.

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